A downloadable game for Windows

This project was assigned to senior students as part of the Computer Game Science Capstone class at UC Irvine. We were given complete freedom in what kind of game we wanted to create. So naturally, I pitched a 2-D action platformer where the character cannot jump! Instead, players rely on the recoil from a machine gun like weapon, called "The Persuader", to glide and hover and a shotgun like weapon, called "The Joule", which propels them in the opposite direction the they are aiming. In this world, a money hungry organization has developed a new plague to unleash upon this world, but they have also developed two prototypes which are the only weapons which can destroy them. Create the problem to sell the solution. Evil... I know. Players must use these prototype weapons to over come treacherous obstacles and eradicate this new virus like weapon called "Vectors."

My team and I set out to create a game we wanted to play for countless hours and I firmly believe we accomplished our goal. We are extremely proud of our work and hope you enjoy, VECTOR RECOIL.

Install instructions

Must be played with a Dualshock 4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One controller. Keyboard and mouse is not supported.


Vector Recoil.zip 54 MB